Our school ERP comes from a technical and strong educational software development domain, our software is easy to use and cost effective; it can be very useful utility for school staff in managing day to day work. Starting from the admission process to customize fee management, the software is highly appreciated by teachers and educational experts. Amarschool software versions come with various key feature, below are some of mostly used features provided by the software:

  • Easy attendance marking and present/absent sms notification
  • Support multiple branch management from single login
  • Secure and reliable
  • Integrated bio metric/RFID attendance for employee
  • Android APP for parents, teachers and staff
  • Admission management
  • Define session/class/subjects as per school needs
  • Completely customizable
  • Time table management along with 20 plus modules
  • Parent module for betterstudent performance tracking
  • Account management
  • Manage school transport by state of art GPS’s technology
  • Lifetime free updates


School may have multiple branches, different branches needs to be managed differently through separate principal and other logins, but major stack holders like director, administrator should be able to access the data and reports like branch wise expanse, student strength, employee performance etc from a single login, our software understand this needs and therefore such problem can be easily handled in Amarschool enterprise version. This is very useful features for school directors, it is cost effective and user friendly.

Branch specific users like Principal, account, teachers, parents, library and reception have access to data related to their branch and more specific, an

cannot access data of other branches, where as administrator/director can access data of all the branches from single login.

  • A single Enterprise version subscription license includes upto 3 branches; however additional branches can be subscribed with a reasonable minimum amount.
  • Access overall performance details of all branches from one login
  • Define separate teacher and principle login for each branch
  • Customize reports and logo setting for each branch
  • Pay for one and get an additional 2 free


Though Amarschool ERP helps school management in day to day task, it is very important for school to have internet presence. This shows school transparency and becomes a single place for school public information. Managing school website is very easy with Amarschool ERP console, important information like exam schedules, important notice, admission dates, and activity galleries can be updated easily on school websites.

Easily add & update content blogs, calendar events, photos, and gallery etc.

  • Dynamic school website with school logo
  • Upload events photos
  • Upload admission details
  • Upload Exam dates
  • Director messages
  • Thought of the day
  • Mobile view ready website


SMS notifications are used by most of the systems as means of sharing important information, SMS communication is cost effective and fast. Instead of sending notice/reminder via post school staff can utilize Amarschool SMS alerts, our ERP is built with advanced SMS sending options using which information can be updated to parents, school teachers, principle and other staff. Below are some of the SMS alerts.

  • Holiday or school closer alerts
  • Due/pending fee notification to parents
  • Student absent notification to parents
  • All staff or Teachers only alert
  • Teacher substitution in case of absent staff
  • Leave application
  • Add notice to student of specific class
  • Add notice to parents only


Fee collection is an important part of account management, Student fees are often divided in multiple heads like admission fees, tuition fees, transport fees, exam fee etc. Schools may also choose to provide special discounts to students based on various quotas. Amarschool ERP is the best suited solution for school fee collection, it comes with various fee customization options and makes the process transparent and secure. Following are the key feature of Amarschool fee collection module:

  • Automatic calculation of fee as per class and discount quota
  • Automatic late fee addition as per fee due date defined
  • Percentage and fix amount based fee discount option
  • Stop wise and fix amount based transport fee calculation
  • Accept partial payments or complete payments for fees
  • Single click option for late Fee waiver
  • Fee heads planning based on specific months
  • Print customized fee receipt
  • Supports multiple modes of payment like cheque, cash, draft, online etc)
  • Receive online fee from parents (optional)
  • Previous dues and month wise details of the dues
  • Automated due fee SMS to parents
  • Complete history of payments received in the given session


Keeping record of student and staff attendance is another everyday task for school, this record is useful for both school administration and student’s parents. In general schools follow manual process like using attendance registers etc. This is time taking and ineffective for getting complex information, for example, if the administration wants to know the list of students absent last week, or students who are absent continuously for three days, it becomes very difficult with manual processes. Using school ERP not only makes this task smooth and easy, it is also eco-friendly and saves additional overhead of maintaining multiple register/attendance logbooks. Amarschool ERP provides many useful features like below.

  • Marking of student attendance and SMS notification for absent student in single click
  • Marking of employee attendance
  • Simple integration with RFID devices
  • Comprehensive and customization of reports
  • Class section and student wise Present / Absent attendance reports


In the Era of smartphone, it becomes essential for ERP systems to provide useful information over mobile communication. Information like child attendance, report card, homework over the smartphone increase parents’ trust in school administration. Amarschool ERP provides android apps for school teachers, principals, parents and directors. Mobile apps is designed with the latest technology and provide information in the best possible manner. Some of the key features of Amarschool Android app is:

  • View student strength graph, attendance, collected fee, events, timetables
  • View staff leave history, staff attendance, holiday , bus tracking
  • View child monthly attendance, pending fee, school notices
  • View student daily homework and remarks
  • Mark student attendance using teacher app
  • Teacher App for easy attendance


Examination planning and result generation is another important activity for schools, often school administration find it difficult and prone to error and it takes lot of staff time, Amarschool ERP can make examination process error free and flexible. Amarschool ERP comes with flexibility of grading and marking scheme also only teachers based on assigned subject can update results which makes the process transparent and secure, below are some of the key features of examination module:

  • Generate and publish report card
  • Define multiple evaluation type, periodic test, notebook test etc.
  • Customizable evaluation structure, specify weightage, minimum,maximum marks and frequency of occurrence
  • Support CBCE evaluation pattern and state wise pattern
  • Specify multiple optional subjects, easily allocate elected subject to show in report
  • View reports containing unit test results, averages, total, weighted average and consolidated results
  • Define sub-evaluations under main evaluations along with their weightage and generate report accordingly
  • Define (minimum, maximum and passing) exam schedule for different sub-evaluations/subjects for each class group, specify performance generation criteria
  • Lock exam results to prevent false modification


Ability to publish yearly event plan and important notification for school is essential for keeping parent and school staff updated. Using Amarschool ERP saves paper work and increase the information reach outside school premises. With Amarschool ERP administrator can publish event with different colour code, school calendar can be viewed in individual login and school website. Since it is dynamic it makes the user experience very smooth, following are the advantage of school calendar feature.

  • View school event plan for year
  • View weekly and monthly details
  • Visible to all stockholders like principle ,parents and staff
  • Automatically update event calendar to school website
  • Multiple colour coding for easy differentiation


Admin view is building blocks of any ERP, administration module provide flexibility for defining and customization of all features of software like class schedule, education levels, salary structure, leave types , fee types etc. Amarschool ERP lets user define building blocks as per school needs, because of this almost everything is user defined and controlled by administrator of the software, often school software comes with fixed templates which may not be suitable to need of school, with Amarschool ERP you gets the flexibility and control of the information structure.

  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules
  • Define multiple branch and their login credentials
  • Improved security and authentication to access data
  • Define employee category
  • Manage employee and work allocation
  • Define automated SMS notice timing
  • Add and manage multiple sessions
  • Define group and subject category
  • Define class and sections
  • Build class course and perform student management
  • Elimination of people dependent processes
  • Support for RFID and GPS for automatic transport tracking and attendance


Account modules is single place to manage fee and expanse related to school, account module is designed for school’s where single person is responsible for managing student fee and other account related requirements. With account module user can view status of fee payment for student, get list of fee defaulters. This module support automatic calculation of fee as per class and quota. It is flexible to accept partial payments or complete payments for fees. Account module is also place for attendance, leaves and salary structure of the employee.

  • Perform student fee management
  • View status of fee payment and defaulter list
  • Perform employee salary calculation and manage leaves
  • Manage other school expanse and store expanse invoices
  • Manage student database and add/edit student profile
  • Manage employee database and add/edit employee profile


Teachers are building blocks for any educational institute, enabling them with the technology improves overall student progress and useful in efficient time utilization. Teacher is required to assign work, take attendance and conduct examination. Amarschool ERP comes with teacher modules to facilitate these activity in easy to use manner. Teacher module makes sure that information share is updated with parent and communication between school management and parent is improved. Following are key activities which can be achieved via teacher module-

  • Ability to upload student homework and assignment
  • Ability to update student digital diary for everyday remark or observation
  • Ability to take attendance
  • Ability to upload exam result for further verification
  • Ability to apply leave
  • View salary statements
  • View school yearly event plan via calendar
  • View assigned substitution and own timetable


Making parents aware of student progress is important element for successful education, It is very important that parents have access to child attendance, exam results, homework. Information like emergency contact number, student transport details like bus allocated, driver and conductor contact number shall be available to parents as and when needed. Amarschool ERP comes with parent modules to provide this information, this is available in both web portal and android application.

  • Multi Child support- No need for different login for each child
  • School Fee details- Parents can easily check details like fee paid, upcoming fee
  • Amount, notifications for due fee
  • Attendance- Parents get instant information about their child attendance information on a daily basis
  • Absent notification- In case child is absent, parents get notification
  • Parent Diary- Parent diary captures various important notification sent by school
  • Management and teachers like homework, assignments, remarks,


Using register or excel sheet for managing student information can be difficult and time consuming task, also it does not provide advance feature which comes with software, Amarschool ERP store comprehensive detail on each student. Following are the features of student module-

  • Complete student information management with generated UniqueID and automatic student attendance via Biometric/RFID device
  • Assign class-section , hostel ,fee quota/discount of student
  • Set Fee Payment Mode (Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly)
  • Set transport details (Route/Bus/Stop)
  • Search student list based on multiple inbuilt and custom filters
  • Class promotion: Easily promote or fail students to carry forward class to next session
  • Save data of students for multiple sessions
  • Add new parent for student or select from existing parents and link student with parents in single step


Enabling attendance process with biometric device add further layer to the security of the software and it increase authentication of the information, now days it is best practice to use biometric device for employee attendance. Amarschool ERP comes with easy integration with biometric device for employee attendance. Our push technology makes it easy for device to directly update school information system. Following are the key factors in our ERP-

  • Auto manage employee attendance
  • Add/remove employee remotely from device via software
  • Wifi and Lan based device support
  • Present/absent sms to school administration
  • Integration with most stable biometric device(ESSL)


Transport management includes defining bus route of student pick and drop, tracking bus location, assigning transport fee and vehicles maintenance, Amarschool ERP provide all essential features to manage school transport, following features can be managed with transport modules.

  • Assign bus drivers and conductors to route
  • Define transport route with bus-pickup and bus-drop time
  • Get reminders on dashboard for insurance due date, service due etc
  • Manage student transport fee with transport route and stop wise
  • Allow parents to view moving bus, current bus position and path taken by the bus for their child


Schools receive lot of enquires every day, particularly at the time of admission. Information like yearly event planning, class timetable, examination schedule, admission followup, employee attendance and important contact number can should be available to school reception staff. Amarschool comes with reception modules through which all this information can be quickly viewed.

  • Search and see details of student or visitor parent
  • Search and see details of employee, Time table in case of teacher
  • Manage and record follow-up details of admission enquiries
  • Get list of follow-ups scheduled for current day and also get and add to-do Item
  • View school event calendar


Another work which required lot of effort and staff time is making time table, making sure that all staff members are efficiently utilized and have different time slots can be very difficult and error prone. Amarschool ERP provide automatic time table generation with user friendly selection of subject and teacher. Our software make sure that timetable is build based on teacher skill set and timeslot availability, with this you can be 100% sure that teachers does not have conflicting timeslots. Some of the key features of timetable module is listed below.

  • Define time table without worrying about overlapping of teacher’s schedule
  • Define time table both class wise as well as teacher wise
  • Temporary teacher substitution (Also provide option to send SMS to substituted teacher )
  • View syllabus progress as Per defined syllabus and lecture plan (under development)
  • View teacher’s occupancy details
  • Visibility of absent teacher on dashboard so that teacher substation can be done
  • Merge multiple classes for optional subjects


Performing employee management with software saves time and increases transparency between staff and school management, use of biometric and RFID makes sure that attendance is authenticated. Amarschool ERP provides multiple features for managing employee day to day information.

  • Manage complete and comprehensive staff information
  • Define salary components, benefits and standard deductions
  • Activate and deactivate staff members as they join and leave
  • Apply for leave, along with details like SL/CL/EL etc and approval from admin/principal panel
  • Upload documents related to a staff member
  • Take employee attendance via software or biometric device
  • Assign subject to teachers for various education level
  • Manage advance payments/loans toward employee

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