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Amarschool-School Management Made Convenient:

Education is the backbone of the nation. Educational institutions play a leading role in imparting this education. Modernization of educational institutions is therefore a challenge and important. For this purpose, we have created Amarschool. It is designed in such a way that it can handle all the A to Z tasks of an institution very easily and complete paperless operation is possible. Also, the distance between the Guardian and the school is reduced and Teachers can be more attentive to teaching by doing other tasks easily.

Amarschool management made affordable:

Amarschool has been developed to digitize educational institutions. As Amarschool has eliminated the hassle of the organization, it is also minimizing the cost of the school. Firstly, the amount of man power that was required to maintain manually through the use of software will be greatly reduced and the stationery cost will be almost non-existent. Also, many organizations cannot afford other software in the market, especially small organizations. Amarchool's package and pricing have been designed keeping them in mind. Amarschool is within the reach of all small and large organizations as there is a payment system on a monthly subscription basis. And you can pay only for the modules you need for your current operation.

We offer mobile applications for parents, students and teachers.

Integrate the complete operation of your school at your fingertips. iOS & Android Apps connected with e-School software for your school for Parents & Students. Benefit the most from staying connected to parents, teachers and students through the mobile app for your institute.


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